Take Care of Yourself!

Everything that we do has a real impact on ourselves. No matter whether you are talking about studies, jobs, hobbies, career, or social initiatives, all in many ways impact our life. Under such circumstances taking care of you assumes significance. So, take responsibility of yourself. You cannot be irresponsible towards yourself and super responsible for … Read moreTake Care of Yourself!

What are Personal Boundaries and how you deal with it?

What are personal boundaries? Like in any sports you see, be it football, cricket, tennis, badminton etc, boundaries plays decisive role in shaping up the game. They are the optimum limits up to which the moment of the game can be allowed. Similarly in life too, there are boundaries, the personal invisible boundaries that we … Read moreWhat are Personal Boundaries and how you deal with it?

The 5 Common Behaviors of Unhappy People.

Our mental behavior plays a vital part in deciding the quality of life we live. At times the external circumstances can and does influence our life and we end up becoming unhappy and depressed. With consistent effort and persistence we can easily turn around the situation. Our thinking, behavior, and lifestyle play a big part … Read moreThe 5 Common Behaviors of Unhappy People.