9 Things My Job Loss Taught Me About Self-Improvements.

9 Things My Job Loss Taught Me About Self-Improvements.

When you think of Self-Improvements, I imagine you someone with a mystified, low self-assurance, in own lost world.

But that is not what self-improvements always is or perceived to be. Many a times it looks like there is nothing to improve.

Seriously, isn’t it?

For a larger share of population, it always ends with what to improve and why to improve.

And for many people, it actually is very personal, more so when they are expected and required to be so.


What I learned from my job loss about self improvements.

  • I cannot prevent every tragic incident of my life.

No matter how hard I try, there are certain things which are beyond my control and I simply cannot do much about them. Certain things are bound to happen and it will happen.

  • Tragedy is not the end of life.

It will bring so much of frustration, and low morale that you will feel like the world is lost and starts thinking why it happened to me? But there is always a hope at the end of the tunnel.

  • My CV cannot be spotless.

No seriously, everywhere you look it is full of mess and can you expect to be spotless where every minute’s details of your work is being monitored and analyzed.

Let’s be real, everyone faces it, that is perfectly OK.

  • I need to improve

Very Simple, I am not at par with the market and I need to improve. A vital point which can be missed on a long term and which later on, can impact the life growth.

  • One needs to keep updating oneself.

With all the changes happening around, it has become very critical to get yourself updated.

  • I thought freely.

One of the biggest plus point which I liked and improved upon was my thinking. A sense of freeness prevailed. It enabled me to think deeper and got to know myself better.

  • Less expectation by People allowed me to re-invent myself.

A blessing in disguise I consider, for I was in complete control of myself and actually started learning new things and had altogether a different prospective to life. It taught me how you can be positive even in adverse circumstances.

  • Overcame Fear

It happened and I accepted. Now the fear of losing a job was gone. I had more confident outlook thereafter which continued to help me and it still is.

  • Survival of the fittest

It holds so much true that you need to be at your absolute best to survive. This thought lead to various improvements.



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