9 to 5 office !

9 to 5 office !

While I was on a vacation to somewhere, one of the things I observed was many of the people is routinely working on a 9 to 5 schedule of a job. Though everyone has their own share of limitations, forcing them to work like a ROBOT, but does it really addresses a lifestyle we dreamt of while we were in our adolescence period.

You were brilliant in singing, in playing football, in drawing, in racing, in beauty contest, in local administration etc. as per your interest and potential. Why are you compromising on all these things which were once an inseparable part of your life?

Just recall those days and think where you are today. Is it worth living a lifestyle sacrificing all the things that really make us happy and full of life?

I guess no and you already agree with that.

So what is it that we can do about it? There are two options to this question:

  • Live the current lifestyle ignoring all your passion and interest.
  • Explore the option to include your favorite things along the source of income.

Which one do you choose the second one right?

Well, who on Earth doesn’t want to live a life full of happiness and joy and what a better way to find those things by doing the things that we really Love.

Come along and let’s find out how we can explore these options.

Find a room near your office. If you are living on a rented accommodation and traveling for a good more than 2 hours journey a side, it is better to change the location and look for the economical accommodation which is nearby by office location. By doing so not only you are optimizing the money wasted in traveling regularly on a longer distance but most importantly you save your precious time.

Tip. If by any means you are not able to do the point #1, better to find a job near your home.

Utilize the time saved. If you are able to convert those 2-3 hours journey into 15-30 min, imagine the importance those 2 hours can add to your life. Do not waste it sleeping. Start searching for the activities you always wanted to do but could not because of time constraints. You may go for gym enrollment, a long walk, giving tuition to the children, learning a new language, and playing the sports as per your interest.

Meet the people who shares similar passion to yours. Look for the person who has similar passion to yours such as playing football, badminton, running, singing etc. and enter into a conversation with them. It’s ok if you do not know them, try searching and use the word of mouth source to find such people near you and try to get in touch with them. Psychologically it is more likely that they will respond positively knowing your interest and zeal to engage. You will learn new things and be more close to your passion.

Do not copy. With time there may have been certain changes to the way you had approached your passion years before. Many people must be doing it differently. Since you are getting to it after a gap , never try to copy others. Learn the new tricks of the tricks and be yourself. Your old style can do wonder. Nobody knows your style currently, that is an advantage you have and with time you may be the top trending topic in your niche.

Do a what-if analysis. Grab a paper and a pen and do this very important workshop just for yourself. Find and think all the merits of doing your current job. Write it down point wise on the paper. Do not get into a judgment mode; just write whatever is coming to your mind. Once you are done write all the negatives of this job. Now think what if you do not have this job what is it that is going to be most impacted? Just for a moment think which is that passionate alternative which can compensate this impact.

Make a plan. After doing the what-if analysis please make a plan to gradually shift to the passionate alternative which you really like to do and makes you happy and satisfied. Start following the schedule and go step by step towards your goal. You will come out of the average ordinary lifestyle to a great lifestyle.

It is not so easy but worth taking bit forward, because once you are done with your regular job and after retirement those typical repent feeling will be terrible, terrible enough to bring back negativity.

Time is ripe to kill those negativity and march towards an enriching way of life, a life you always dreamt of.


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