5 Amazing Reasons, Why You Should Start Writing.

5 Amazing Reasons, Why You Should Start Writing.

Writing for years have drove people to think and express them beautifully. You will be surprised to know that most of the successful writers and thinkers are able to express their feelings better that the other people in every day’s daily routine.

Why so? It is because it gives them a sense of assurance to be able to express their inner voice.

If you can formulate your thinking into ideas and ideas into words, it can have profound impact on your persona from a viewer’s perspective. You can make your brain work and you just cannot believe how innovative you can be.

It can also literally take you down through memory lanes and relive the moments. You can literally create your past right in front of you. Isn’t that amazing?

Let me start with you first:

If you still think that writing is not your cup of tea, think again.

Let me start with the elementary period of your life, how you passed one grade after another, -by writing (off course your exams). How did you completed your higher studies, -by writing (off course your subject notes, tests, projects, exams).So, you passed all these hurdles by writing.

Think of the situations where you thought, you knew more than what you wrote and the grades/marks you got could not justify your inner self.

Not to forget all the letters you wrote to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Now you tell me, how you are not familiar with writing. You always had been. You always had those inner flames to prove that you know more but could not express. And that is why it is far more appropriate to write and not dying regretting of your potential.

It will help you to find yourself and know you better.

And if by any means you are still not convinced, write because you have something to say with authority.

Write because you have something new to offer.

For all the smarties, I am definitely not counting your daily whatsapp status change, you random tweets, you face book comments and those other social media interactions.


Are you game?

Let’s get deeper.

For those uninitiated, the no.1 defense is – “I do not know how to write“.

Frankly speaking, like any other first thing you start, writing is also not an easy job. It requires skills and patience and with time, and little practice you can be a good writer. I will teach you few of the tricks to get you started.

Take a small notebook and a pen with you wherever you go. You can use you smart phone as well for writing if you are not comfortable carrying the notebook to every place.

But please use the simple writing platforms if you intend to use smart phone where the distraction is less and is easy to navigate and write.

My personal advice would be to write on a physical notebook.

Now how to start- whenever you are encountering a problem, think of the most fitting solution it could have and start writing in your notebook.

Please do not think about the anything else apart from the content. You main focus should be to write the thought that is coming to your mind. Once you are done, close it.

No post-mortem to your nice piece of work now. Let it be there and you may now get engaged with your normal activity.

Practice this daily for at least 21 days.

This exercise will slowly persuade you to get into a comfortable position for yourself and prepare the base for your writing skills.

Imagine yourself a sculptor who has just started his work.

Lets us find out the various rationales for writing.

Reason #1 Writing helps to vent your emotions.

Writing helps to vent your true emotions, be it anger, sadness and happiness. Through writing you are making yourself relieved of the variety of emotions kept intact in your heart.

In times of distrust and deceit, writing can be a divine boon to let go off all the feelings and thoughts that is holding you.

It helps to untie the knot which you have been trying hard off lately to forget and not able to come out of the stockiness that has gripped.

We find it incredibly difficult to deal with such situations where we are not able to express ourselves. There may be several reasons to that. Some of them may be like the uneasiness within us, how we have been groomed, what sort of people we have interacted and so on.

The reasons may be varied and may differ with person to person. But writing can immensely help us to come out of all these and make a new path of ourselves. A path we can be proud of and which can give self satisfaction to us in whatsoever little way it can. But believe me the impact will be really huge.

Obviously, venting your emotions in everyday gossip is not a healthy idea. You need one trusted friend, family member with whom you can discuss and relate to.

It has one demerit though, i.e. you need to take care and be cautious, and given the complex relationships these days’ people have.

But you know what; you can be your own friend. You may maintain a journal and write about your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Your journal can be your best listener. In times of difficulty your journal can be the best place to pour your heart out.

I do agree that a journal cannot match the human touch, but being in a precarious situation and nothing in sight, it is far better to follow writing journal.

One of the most important factor is you can approach your journal any moment of time you wish which may not be the case if you need someone to listen to your vents.

So, what is holding you to write? Go and vent yourself.

People generally spend lots of time, money and suffers pain doing medication for the stress that engulfs them as a result of not being able to express themselves. Why to let happen that to you?

One of the solution-You can always start writing.

Be refreshed and recharged again to restart your activities.

By writing you can re-invent yourself.

Reason #2 It builds relationship.

By writing you develop a relationship with your reader, be it your family, friend, and others. This helps in breaking the barriers and engages with people across the age group.

You may find new admirer and colleagues who wants to engage more with you and know about you. Your life experiences can help others to find new enlightenment in their life, and guide them to avoid the wrong paths.

Your writing should be meaningful and conversational to the other person.

One of the most important traits of developing good relationships is to respect the other people’s thoughts and feelings.

You can write something on a piece of paper which you felt good about them and handover to them. This will make them very happy and will be the ice breaker for your relationship with them.

With each passing day, the dominance of machine on our life is increasing exponentially. It is far more imperative to build human relation then. You cannot have the feeling towards a machine which you can have for human.

In such circumstances a simple art of writing can bring all the happiness back and connect to our very own species- homo sapiens.

It helps to bridge the gap.

With the emergence of digital world, you may find many other options where you can write and engage with people.

You can engage with me on twitter.

In fact with the advent of technology the writing art has got boost.

You tell me what are online relationships? How it starts? It is just an extended version of writing based relationship. With your style of writing the other person can know lot about you and in fact open opportunities for you to explore new things.

Your writing is your signature.

The only difference is receiving and sending the communication has become instantaneous unlike decades before where one had to wait for weeks and months to receive the communication.

This is in fact a great advantage where the sender receives the reply with still in same state of mind. Isn’t this amazing?

Having compassionate and honest people in your life can drastically improve the happiness quotient not only in your life but theirs as well.

You don’t need to be an expert on these things to start with. Simple things such as speaking truth, being honest can in a long way build stronger relationships and writing can be a medium to enhance these relationships.

Reason #3 Writing improves your communication skills.

If you are struggling with your communication skills, writing can immensely contribute to improving it. Writing can make you from an average communicator to a great communicator.

A simple step of writing will give impetus to your thoughts and will gradually improve your overall thinking. You never know, your style of writing may impress many including you.

The more you communicate the better you become.

Do not hold yourself, keep it free. Let your expressions and thoughts flow through pen and paper. You will find yourself on a brighter side.


Reason #4 To fight the inner fear of yourself.

People usually fear to voice their thoughts and emotions. For some, it is fear of getting judged.

History is full of examples where these fear of expressions has led to massive unrest and damage.

It also has examples where only a piece of paper with some words on it has prevented catastrophic situations.

Are you getting the point which I am trying to bring in?

Forget others, very often in our own circle of family and friends we find various examples where these fear of expression has put us in uncomfortable situations of life.

For an example: You start studying history stream instead of botany just because you could not muster enough courage to let your parents/guardians know of your preference. You simple followed their instructions only to repent later and blame them for your sufferings, if you do.

So what is the solution?

To enable you to fight this fear of inexpressiveness, writing is the best answer.

Initially you may still not be able to express vocally, but you can always start through writing. Writing will enable you to go in the right direction of your life.

Once you start practicing it regularly, you will see a major change in your thought process. You will star taking responsibilities of your own situation and will try to find ways to fix it instead of the usual shy.

It will instill a sense of confidence to slowly be able to defend adversities in your life.

Writing can make you courageous, and unleash the leader within you.

Reason #5 Writing means seriousness.

In the various walks of life, we meet different kind people. We get into business engagements, partnership, deals, MoUs etc with some of them and may be more than that.

The communication we entered with these people materialize only if it is accorded in the form of writing by both sides.

So, writing means you are serious about the steps you are going to take. You really mean it. It brings authority to your vocal words.

Once you start writing, people will acknowledge your intellect and will be far more serious to your words and actions. Writing may turn you into an influencer in your own capacity. You can be the change agent.

Serious writer’s thoughts are very clearly reflected in their writing. However in today’s it is increasingly becoming difficult to sit and introspect and write.

Sometimes our own resistance is on such a high, that we hardly bother to write. But if you really are serious about your writing you will always, always find ways to write.

Writing involves thinking, and thinking leads to innovation.

So, make a difference in your life and spread the brightness to the humanity through your writing.

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4 thoughts on “5 Amazing Reasons, Why You Should Start Writing.

  1. This post was exceptional and really explains why I’m drawn to writing. I plan on participating again in NaNoWriMo in November and finally writing my first draft of my first novel I started four years ago. Thank you so much for the validation!

    • Hi
      Thank you so much for your appreciation. To get those kind of inspiring words for my work from an authority like you, I am feeling so high now. I will be eagerly waiting for your novel publishing journey to kick off.

  2. Very well articulated. I am the person who always believed i can not write but as you said when i started i really enjoyed it and it went out my feelings.
    Loved this blog

    • Hello, Thank you so much for these wonderful thoughts. I am really feeling so excited to hear these words. Believe me, it means a lot to me. Looking forward for more engagements with you and your blog.

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