Are you Ugly?

Are you Ugly?

Am I ugly? Has this thought ever crossed your mind? How do you see it coming?

Have you wondered why?

It all starts with less believe on self and more preference to others opinion. We give preference to the body and face appearance instead of the work and achievements of an individual. This behaviour leads to the soul destroying step of giving too much preference and importance to the face.

It has some serious personality implications.

You start feeling low, you avoid people and your performance goes down. In some cases the outcome may be more terrible. All the creative work which you can do takes a back seat and you start losing focus.

Your performance dips and all the negative thoughts keep on brewing inside your mind.

The behavior compass always surpasses the face value of the person. Your beauty is defined by how you behave.

God has gifted the best face suitable for you. Please do not think too much.

To me every face is beautiful and everyone has that capacity to turn that perception of ugly into thousands of admirers.

Do extraordinary things with the same face and people will fall for you and do have improper behavior and people start avoiding you. It’s all in the mind.

Shred it. Be a shredder. You have more important things to do in life than thinking about the being ugly.

Go get up and explore what you always wanted to be. The same people will refer to you as beautiful soul.

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