Does Sarcasm really promote Creativity?

Does Sarcasm really promote Creativity?

Often the term Sarcasm is looked upon in a negative sense. But the trend is changing very fast. People more than ever before are going ahead and being Sarcastic.  It is letting them think and being creative.

Yes, you heard it right. Many researches seem to suggest so.

A random look at all social media comments will show that majority of them are written in a sarcastic style, a trend good enough to establish it relevance.

It involves a sort of exercise for mind when one is being sarcastic.

It lets you think out of the box, a trait very difficult to inculcate in the modern day world, where the cut, copy, and paste methods have obsessed every sphere.

Sarcasm may lead to being creative in a sense that it requires the mind to think either to understand or express it.

But using sarcasm can lead to several misunderstating, confusion and even gaps between relationships.

The sarcasm delivery style should be in a way, to not let the receiver get confused over the actual and literal meanings of sarcastic expressions.

It has its own risk factors wherever you use it, be it in public, groups, friend circles or workplace.

But if one has enough mutual trust and understanding between them the risk can be reduced drastically, leaving the conversation open and healthy.

Let me give you an example.

When somebody does something wrong, and you say” Very good, Excellent!”

Can you relate what I am trying to convey?

People have personal difficulties while interpreting sarcasm. With the same sarcasm communiqué, two different person gets contrastingly different perceptive.

So can sarcasm be called bad?

I do not think so. A sarcastic way of communication brings creativity and freshness to the matter of things. It forces both the sender and receiver to think, to think much deeper.

But it has to be treaded carefully. Not everybody has same thinking, and at times it can get even violent behavior on the recipient part.

A majority of talks these days among the known group of friends are in a sarcastic way.

It not only brings freshness to the bonding and also makes to think to reply in same fashion leading to more mind work.

To let you know being sarcastic is a very tough nut to crack. It looks easy but when you try to adapt to it, it really scares you.

It involves lot of presence of mind, humorous sense and use of appropriate word to convey.

So, be Creative, be Sarcastic!

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