Have you tried doing Ctrl plus Z in your life?

Have you tried doing Ctrl plus Z in your life?

Have you ever tried doing a ctrl plus z in your life?

Obviously, Life is not a computer and it cannot be reversed.

The errors committed while working on a great project using an advanced computing system can be undone simply by pressing the Ctrl plus Z button on the keyboard.

Can we do the same to our lives? For all the mistakes and time that has been wasted, can it be reversed? The answer is a big –NO. Unfortunately that is not going to happen, neither happened in past nor will happen in future. Very often in our life we encounter such situation where we wish we could rewind it or do a ctrl plus z.

The ill-effect felt after the act is so unbearable that we tend to reverse the time.

So, unlike Ctrl plus Z in computing world, what is it that we can do?

I am going to enlist little learning which can help to compensate for the mistakes and make us cautious in committing the same mistake again. Obviously I do not have any formula to reverse it. Only God can help on this, if at all he wishes.

So, let’s begin.

Learn from a Child.

It is a very strange fact that a child can anticipate the coming and ask for help. We can apply the same thing in our lives. If we see any problem coming and we know it is difficult for us to handle we should seek help. It is like hitting two birds with a single stone. One, and very important you can have the probable solution to the problem, two, you will have a bonding with your near and dear ones. It is better to seek help than to repent later.

Do not cheat with yourself.

No one in this world can know you better than yourself. Not even your mother, you father, brother, sister and other relatives. Whatever you are doing, you already knew whether it is good or bad. By overruling you own instinct of reality, you are inviting the trouble. Somebody may praise you for your deeds, some may criticize but the only one person who knows better whether it is good or bad is – YOU. Please do not cheat with yourself.

Take Risk.

If you are not taking risk in your life, you are taking the biggest risk. The intention of not taking risk can really spoil your life and leave you so complicated. Trust me if you follow a trend of calculated risk you will have lesser time in your life where you will be wishing for UNDO that dreaded Ctrl plus Z.

Learn from mistakes.

Everything we do is very life centric. People often say that life is very complicated. No hold to that, truly. But is not there anything that we could do about it, certainly yes. We can learn from our past mistakes and optimize the chances that we get in life. That’s probably one of the greatest traits of a successful person in every sphere. We should learn from our mistakes so that the chances for repeat troubles are minimized.

Wake up Early.

You may wonder how come waking up early is linked to committing less error in life. Wait, that’s true. Research suggests that one is more productive and less prone to error if we wake up early. The early morning time bring freshness and desire to do something. It is so motivating that you can really turn the table around against all odds at that time. One of the common traits about all the great leaders, successful businessperson, and successful sportsperson is they wake up early. Make it a habit for yourself too.

Do not repent.

The time once gone is gone. It will never come back. why to worry about- why it happened to me?  It is of no point in repenting for the mistakes done in the past. It’s worse. It is like we have already wasted our precocious time by doing wrong things and we are again wasting our current time repenting on it. Get up. It is time to fix it and move on for the next assignment of life. Do it with diligence and leave such a mark that it should overshadow the earlier errors. No time for repent but to learn from it and fix the future troubles coming your way.

Remember you are human not machine.

We know we are human, and humans commit mistakes. So let’s get real. The errors and mistakes are part and parcel of our human civilization. We have evolved so much over period of time but still we do commit errors. That is something to stay. But the good part is that we can minimize it and consequently minimize our misery and sufferings. Better to focus on ourselves and know our limits and abilities.

As part of our lifestyle these can be included as plug-ins and let the show begin. You will be amused to see the result. Trust me you will no longer require the computer keyboard shortcut: Ctrl plus Z in your life.

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4 thoughts on “Have you tried doing Ctrl plus Z in your life?

  1. Very nice blog again. I completely agree with the learn from the child point and also one thing which i want to change is i am not a morning person and as you said if i get up early i can accomplished many tasks in a day.
    Good going

    • Hello, that’s so encouraging. We all have inner will, just the application is required. Thank you so much for those wonderful words.

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