How Depression is a cure in itself

How Depression is a cure in itself

We live in a dynamic time. Everything is so advanced and accessible, and we are at the beginning of a leap in terms of the different lifestyle in store for us.

Nothing wrong as such, but are we treading the afterburns carefully.

Our medical sciences have grown exponentially over the period of few decades, yet we hardly find a healthy person. Rarity has become a common phenomena.

Every other person is feeling the pinch, be it of physical pain or emotional drain out.

Though  both severe in nature, at least people approach for treatment for physical pains and troubles unlike for emotional burnout. In case of emotional blackout the general notion is this is not even considered a problem.

More surprising is in today’s time emotional issue is viewed as a taboo. People who reports such issues are ridiculed, made fun of and looked inferiorly.

Depressionis so prevelant in everyone’s these days yet hardly any discussion on public forums or in normal discourse.

What causes Depression?

As per certain studies,  the causes of depression varies from person to person and also from the set of activities engaged in.

It can be because of heart breaks, being bullied, not liking the job, relative taunts, failure, genetical problems etc.

The genetic issue can result in the unstability of the body mechanism . However the verbal abuse is the most significant one and can be devastating for the person being abused.



How can the depression be cured.

The first step is acknowledging the problem. Half of the problem is sorted if the person realises that he or she is depressed. The next step can be visiting a trusted doctor and letting them know what you feel.

Following the set of medications as advised can be really helpful in curing the depression.

Most important, take in confidence one of your close family member or friend and have deep conversation with them.

A conversation can be your exit point from the world of depression. 

Believe in yourself.

Remember this is just a phase, this too shall pass and you will be far stronger.

How depression is a cure in itself.

It is old saying unless you experience it yourself, you can’t really feel it.

Once you know what you have been through, you will never ever let yourself again to hover that path. It takes guts and efforts to come from the state of depression.

Recovery in the process can teach you life lessons. It can make you distinguish the real and fake relationship.

Above all you can come out triumph and be satisfied to have come out of darker phase of your life.

Have believe in yourself.



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