How To Create Daily Book Reading Habit

How To Create Daily Book Reading Habit

A daily book reading habit enhances the thinking prowess and makes you a wiser person. It opens new possibility for thinking. Book reading relates to thoughts and compassion.

Since the advent of press and printing, arguably, books have been the most effective ways to outline one’s knowledge and thoughts. Human intelligence have evolved through the insights and wisdom of great minds shared though the alphabets of various languages on white papers nicely pressed and bind, we lovingly call it – Book. Human civilizations off lately have been greatly influenced by books.

Despite the knowledge and creativity it brings, we struggle to read a book in our fast paced lives. We keep on procrastinating for some or the other reasons.

It happened to me very often; I wanted to read that book but somehow was not able to find time. A closer look at my schedule revealed, I was almost managing every day chores except my love for reading a book. I got into thoughts about how I should create a habit of daily book reading.

I am sharing my personal experiences which have helped me in this endeavor.

Start with baby steps

Start the book reading journey with one step at a time. For example, you may plan for reading the books on the topic of your curiosity initially for few minutes but with much care. Even a good 7-10 minutes of dedicated reading can be a great start. It will take some time and consistent effort to cultivate this into a habit.

Feel the same happiness as a baby puts her first step when you are about to start a book. Relate yourself with starting something very great for your own.

Be slow.

Treat it like an exercise.

Take a cue from the gyms and fitness centers you attend. To get a great fitness level you need to work out daily and follow the exercises consistently. Similar is with the minds. To make it thoughtful and creative you need to read books on consistent basis. Over a period of time you will see transformative results and this will be an integral part of your life. The more you read the more your mind will evolve.

Play Hide and Seek

Play the hide and seek game with your daily chores to find the little time. For example if you are travelling through metro trains, connecting trains, buses/cabs etc, think if it can be utilized to have a look on some pages of your book. Utilize this time for small reading, as good as one page.

Another example is to wake up 30 minutes earlier than your schedule in the morning and dedicating it for reading. Remember, you are the one who is seeking and not hiding.

You may think of plenty of other options and accommodate reading into it, though you should be careful for your actions on how much it will impact the existing task. A minor change initially in daily routine may be adjusted but not a major one. It will bring down the enthusiasm and the book will be there in the bookshelf.

Strategically placing

Use the opportunity to place the books you want to read where you are most likely to hover. For example Place the books on your desk, keep in your bags, bed side shelves, and terrace area, relaxing zones, or may be in your laptop bags along with the laptop( please consider size). The point here is your book should be easily accessible and visible so that you can pick it up without wasting the time to search for it.

Setting Target

This is a good way to prompt you to read a book. Do this – Set a target to finish it by a reasonable time and adhere to it. For example before starting a book set a target to finish it by 2 weeks. You will see the urge to read the book. It will compel you to not miss your reading timetable and in long term will help to optimize your time.

Review the progress.

Will all the call to actions in place, please review your progress. What is your current status and how you need to develop to include the habit of reading in your lifestyle. You are best judge. Rate yourself. Work on the limitations, come back again and re-rate.

Have these minute changes incorporated in your everyday life and consistently work on it. YOU WILL BE A CHAMP

How about electronic reading content?

Please keep in mind that reading news online and scrolling through various random other stuffs may make you an up-to-date person of sort other than thoughtful and wiser.

There are lots of distractions happening while scrolling though a range of feeds, a random pop-up, some other links, some affiliate links, some online shopping portals etc. These things are capable enough to not make your mind de-clutter. You lose your focus and tend to continuously move to something else in hope of at least getting hooked somewhere. At times you land up and at times not. The process in itself is so tiring that you tend to lose the interest.

However dedicated e-books are better options than scrolling through feeds. Gradually the ratio of people moving to e-books is increasing which is a good sign. The prime factors working in favor is the convenience and reach.

In today’s world of modernity where the information access is possible at the click of a button, it’s gladdening to see the huge success of numerous book fairs across the world. It speaks volumes of the relevance of books in today’s time.

Whether you chose a physical or electronic version of a book, please do read. Please think about your brain as well. It becomes synonyms with what and how you feed it.

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