How to deal with personal difficulties?

How to deal with personal difficulties?

Have you ever wondered how at every phase of life the difficulties keep on piling one after another?

With ever increasing job, family and peer pressure, and tons of side effects that it brings, life is slowly moving to a miserable one. From illness to financial woes to marital problems and high travelling, the list is never ending.

Willingly or unwillingly we keep on stretching it and one fine day we quit because we cannot take it more or are forced to quit. It may lead to catastrophic situations, so much so that, while suicide which was once a rarity has become a common trend.

Seriously isn’t it?

When was the last time you had a free mind and thought of doing something amazing?

-The number is drastically low. You know it, but still can’t help.

And in such scenarios, it has become very critical to approach our problems in a manner which is more scientific than to the natural gut feeling.

It may not wipe out your problems but to a large extent help us to lead a life we dreamt of.

It’s just not a preaching way but the experiences I have gone through, and believe me it has given remarkable results.

 One of my favorite is to Speak Up.

Yes you got it right. It is as simple as that. Often we ignore the difficulties when it is at the infant stage.

It is at the very initial point that we need to speak. Speak your heart out to the right person. You will have your most of the problems eliminated at the initial stage itself.

For example-

If you are overburden with office work, it is strongly recommended that you need to speak to your boss, nothing to lose. Just speak up and tell your problems. Do not be confined to yourself. It may not be that easy but yes with little adjustments it can be done. May be you can approach him/her in the evening when he/she is free or schedule a mutual meeting request.

Just one thing, do not be rude. Be assertive.

Even if you may not be immediately relieved of the work, very high chances that you will neither be allocated more work.

Same can be done in the personal relationship, just talk and listen to each other. Things will improve.

The next one is more relevant- Health

Illness has become a major cause of worry into our life because of the sedentary life we are living.

No matter how much busy you are, find time each day to do physical exercise for minimum of 30 minutes. That’s an investment you are making to yourself.

Eat good food and live a disciplined life. You disrespect discipline, you invite difficulties.

Never miss your breakfast and your exercise schedule.

Not only your health will improve but you will also have a more confident approach towards the problems.

This is very important-Break.

Whatever you do, do it in breaks, not at a stretch.

Yes it may sound very unimportant, but believe me it has tremendous power to solve our problems.

Take a break from work, break from traveling, and break from spreadsheets, computers and so on.

World will not fall, but it will have transformative influence on your life.

Even a break of some period in a troubled relationship can do wonder and reignite the passion and trust which may be more fulfilling than it was.

Remember, we are humans not machines.

Very critical and relevant- Upgrade yourself

To the time when we actually started using the computers, have you ever thought how over a period of time it has evolved.

We can take a leaf out of it.

We are fortunate enough to have a brain which can think, utilize this to learn new things. Do not be in the list of outdated techniques and thoughts. They are the source of problems.

Always reinvent yourself and be open to learn new things. You will start to live an optimum life.

Very Important-Save Money

When compared to yesteryear’s earning index, the people are earning a lot today.

But can we say the same to the savings?

A big No.

The financial scarcity can give bring severe mental depression and brew troubles everywhere.

And that is why it is more pertinent to save money from initial days.

When you have a very healthy bank balance, it will give a personal satisfaction, a sense of will and power that things can be handled.

Yes that is very practical.

These are some of the points which I can think of. There can be many more.

So think wisely and do not let the problems take control of you, rather you take control of your problems.

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