How to gain trust and commitment in life?

How to gain trust and commitment in life?

A committed person is extraordinarily valuable in our lives. It is relatively easy to gain the people’s trust than it seems. The basic to gaining trust and commitment is paying attention to people’s key needs, paying attention to them at what so ever level, trusting them and tolerating their sometimes weird behavior.

You should make yourself as visible as possible in terms of approach-ability. Remember that to earn trust, first you must trust others.

The psychological needs of people vary from one individual to another. Irrespective of the intellectual thoughts one may carry, the need of emotional needs is far greater than we ever think and we are called humans for a reason.

The decline in the trust factor is directly proportional to the emotional well being of an individual. The more we are able to strike a better chord with the emotional behavior the higher the chances of gaining the trust and commitment of an individual.

The most important point is however you should always be trustworthy to people to gain their commitment and trust. It is not so easy but not impossible either. It will take time. Be patient and continue to being trusted and keep trusting.

Trust is the foundation on which the bigger and stronger deep connection is established.

So let’s figure out the basics of things to do in any sphere of life to gain trust.

The first on the list is – Communication.

Yes it all starts with communication. You should be able to communicate clearly to people about your thoughts and ideas. Chose the medium of communication best suited to you. Talk about the wide range of topics and figure out which are most talked about topics in your conversation. On your successive meets focus on these keywords higher than the others. You will get along well with the person.

But remember, it should be willingness of the other person to connect with you. The good news is that if you stick to basics and communicate clearly you are more likely to win people.

The second is – Turn your words into action.

If you assure someone to perform a specific task by a specified time, you should be able to complete it within the stipulated time with confidence. The whole purpose of building trust gains momentum when people believe that you mean what you say. This in long run creates great goodwill for you in the market and you start getting the trust of people whom might have not even met.

The third on the list is – Follow your heart.

When mind comes into play, the trust tends to wane, so instead of using your mid follow your heart. If you think that I can trust this person, go ahead, nothing wrong in it. You might fail, only to succeed in the process. You are the best judge for your activities; please do not hold yourself for worldly apprehensions. It has one wonderful benefit. You will be able to learn a lot in life which will make you full of life with wide range of experience. This is an asset which you cannot get from anywhere until one experiences it themselves.

The last one is – Repeat the above three consistently.

Try to have a consistency in all of the three mentions, you graph among your peers and groups will surge unimaginably high.

Do let me know about your insights on the comments section. I will be more than happy to hear from you and yes, I TRUST YOU.

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