Introvert – Whether to be or not to be

Introvert – Whether to be or not to be

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, please bear in mind that manifestation is not the reality. Some people act like extroverts out of compulsion, others prefers to stay on their own. It costs your effort, energy and sometimes even your health to portray yourself as an extrovert.

I remember, a few weeks back, I got a call from a sweet voiced lady.

“Can I have your few minute” she said.

“Who are you please” I asked.

“I am calling from an institute called abc (I forgot the institute’s name) which trains people on human behavior. You will be really happy to see the change within yourself and can be a better person professionally and personally. We will make you an outgoing person” She said with so much of conviction.

For a moment I got stuck and was wondering, is being extrovert so essential to survive?

I ended the call and thought-Should we think of introverts as a case to refer to a doctor?

Research suggests that there are far more introverted people around us than we can think of.

The reluctance to lead is one of the prime visible attribute of an introverted person. But the good news is that when they take the lead, they display remarkable turnaround. The below example can give light on this:

John is a kid struggling with the basic elementary studies. Often not able to speak, and the grades are more or less average. On the other hand, Richard is an outspoken, stimulated and collaborative and fairly does well on various school activities. He dances; he mimics and is loved by all.

Times passes, and they are into their college/university. It has come to the fore that now John performs better than Richard.

Now, how did that happened. Should be it a miracle?

Obviously not. The point here is, the introverts begin slowly and prefers their own downtime. They have some interests which may not necessarily be endorsed by their peers or for that matter even by their parents.

Introverts think more carefully than the extroverts and at times displays smarter move.

The extroverts tend to drive people, the introverts drives the thinking. At the beginning one can hardly identify the leadership potential of an introvert person, till he/she comes out of something special.

The introverts observe much more than the extroverts. They prefer being alone or sometimes with just one another person. Introverts get their energies from this kind of ambience. They are not the attention seekers.

Introverts pay attention to minute details and usually have long term memory.

Whenever we hear the term “Introvert” we generally picture someone with quiet nature, avoiding socializing. But they are more than that. The introverts hope to foster stronger and deeper relationship with few people.

Finally, it is so important to mention that these notions of personality theories varies from one person to another and is all about the stimulation we necessitate and are able to understand from our surroundings.

Whatever you may be, choosing the things you love to do is the way to go.


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