Is love a power?

Is love a power?

A man is an animal just like any other creature with a unique ability to communicate and think. And for every living creature the love is of utmost important.

As a human when i am being loved around it provide me enough energy to create what i wish to.

Let me take you through history books where the power of love translated into something no one can even imagine.

  1. Dashrath Manjhi – Can you imagine a person creating and paving roads out of mountain for more than 2 decades defying everything single handedly. This man did it. And why he did it because he loved his wife more than anything else.
  2. Hachiko – Can you believe the fact that a dog can wait for his master for 9 years at the same place same time everyday. And why he did it because of love for his master.
  3. Bill Gates – Can you believe the love of a person towards the tech and innovation that he created virtual world where no body even imagined what it is.
  4. Shah Jahan – Can you believe a person can dream of building a crown of palace-The Tajmahal one of the wonders of the world in memory of his wife Mumtaz.

That’s the power love can bring in.

Perception has lot to do with action.

The first thing a human being does about everything is to perceive. And that is not a debatable point given the fact that every human is different to one another and so is the mind.

Being in love is a sign that you are able to perceive things positively and this itself generates enough ammunition for a person to accomplish things.


With great power comes great responsibilities.

– The famous quote from the Movie” The Spiderman”.

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2 thoughts on “Is love a power?

  1. Very is an inherent property of every living being but what we love is our choice and nature.Love with positive sense makes u creative but with negative one it makes nuisance to everyone.

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