My view on Struggles of life

My view on Struggles of life

The struggle of life is either a suffering or a wonderful experience depending upon how you behave and treat it under a given circumstances. The expectation of life in itself is a journey to begin with the struggle. You cannot expect a successful life without struggle. It is a useful filter to kind of turn a raw life into a meaningful life.

History is full of testimonials to the incredible turnaround by people when faced by severe level of difficulties in their life. We all can learn a lesson from our real life heroes who have faced the struggle of life and come out of it successfully.

I remember, I watched a movie long time ago named” The pursuit of life”. The main protagonist faced struggles on all front, family, job etc. But the way he approached it was marvelous. I would like to quote one incident from the movie.

“The hero is supposed to attend an interview next morning which he could manage after lots of effort. Now the evening before he gets arrested by local police for defaulting the parking taxes. The due morning he gets bail and the time is ticking for the interview. With no money and dress to dress up for the occasion, he just ran and ran to the place of interview to attend it.”

That’s the approach that can bring changes in life and usher success.

We all have our own level of capabilities. The reactions to potential tough situations generally decide our life path and we somehow keep passing the buck to others for the misery that we stumble upon.

The struggle forces you to make decisions and you learn by it. In the other words it makes you to better understand the situations and make sound decisions later in your life. Without struggle the life can be an average to a miserable one.

I have seen people falling in their life because they ran away from the tough situations. I, myself have been through many ups and downs and I am still trying to put effort to turnaround the things.

At least I am trying. That is one of the prime reason I am writing this post. I would be glad if somebody takes a positive note from it and at least think about developing and progressing in life.

Let’s be real. Life is tough and unpredictable. You have limited resources and time to decide and act. Your priorities and goals are different from your peer group. Copy and paste will be disastrous. Face the struggle and try to find the answer to it by yourself. Believe in YOURSELF. The good things in life come after you have faced and defeated the difficulties.

Everyone has their own share of struggles in life. But the one which have a purpose and are dedicated to a specific goal can bring tremendous amount of turnaround in your life. “Beyond suffering” is the term I want to use it here to demonstrate the ray of hope that can fulfill the vacuum of life.

It always was your choice to the suffering you do now. No point in blaming your parents, friends and family.

The Answer- Take charge of your life, its difficulties and struggles and turn it around the way you want.

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