Slow Down a bit, It’s OK.

Slow Down a bit, It’s OK.

Creating a life which truly reflects yourself and realize your essence is a very extraordinary achievement in today’s world.

The rat race is so blind that every aspect is being ignored. The culture of greed, intolerance and wretchedness is being injected so excessively that the fine line between the good and bad has blurred.

So much so that-

“A person doing a normal job and living a normal life is looked into some sort of demeaning life.”

Sadly, the success-o-meter now a days is only about money.

Someone who lives his own life, does what he likes and earning a bit lesser than the peer group is not looked in the category of successful people.

It is as if you have to sacrifice you interests, your precious time, your family, and your friends just for few thousand bucks. They are the only measure of success – A job profile and a salary account with salary getting credit in it on every last working day of the month.

Is it?

No, life is more than that.

Slow Down.

The world will not fall if you change that norm for you.

We all have different taste, preferences, interests and thinking style.

How then we are treated in a one size fits all principles? Very strange isn’t it?

Probably on every stage of our life someone convinces us to compromise on our core values and principles. And this dilemma keeps on coming every now and then in our life.

And it is at this very moment that you need to find what you want. What will make you happy and fulfilling?

Remember, having a high profile job is one thing, being happy is another.

Reinvent to know what keeps you HAPPY. It’s not easy but definitely worth a try at least once for you.

As a kid you dream many things for your life. As you grew up, those dreams started to fade slowly as you got more involved in something else.

Isn’t this a reality?

We neglected our dreams and opted to live according to someone else’s wishes.

This has happened to me and it happens to lot.

But the good part is you can always start afresh. Break those personal boundaries. Take it one by one and go slow.

Back up yourself. You certainly can do it.

Remember the marathons are won by starting slowly and life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

It’s very tempting in today’s world to get urgency in everything that we do. It is likely too, because everything around us is evolving so fast.

But remember human growth is not about fast and fade away. It is about gradual change and sustaining it. So leverage your life a bit slow.

Do not forget that in order to increase your speed, you need to slow down a little.

So, slow down a bit, Its OK.

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