Take Care of Yourself!

Take Care of Yourself!

Everything that we do has a real impact on ourselves. No matter whether you are talking about studies, jobs, hobbies, career, or social initiatives, all in many ways impact our life.

Under such circumstances taking care of you assumes significance.

So, take responsibility of yourself. You cannot be irresponsible towards yourself and super responsible for others. Take time off from routine work. Be responsible towards your health, hobbies, joy and stuff you love doing.

It all starts with you.

Nobody else can take care of yourself better than you. So, employ the best person to take care of yourself-You.

It has its own various advantages too. Apart from moving towards living a quality life you learn to handle pressure, and to take greater responsibilities in life.

It nurtures you.

Even a little step like getting up an hour early will have profound results on the lifestyle.

Life will through some hard-hitting challenges, and if you are not ready even for the smaller ones, you will really have tough times handling the bigger ones.

Therefore I encourage you to start taking care of yourself starting with little adjustments in lifestyle. Gradually over a period of time you will have it easy and will be better prepared for situations.

Remember the world only sees your end results, but you know how hard you have worked to accomplish it. And taking a good care of yourself supplements your hard work.

You will feel lots of energy and push to accomplish greater successes.

Strike yourself every single time and set new benchmark for you to achieve.

You will be amazed to see the results. The choice is yours. Start taking good care of yourself and

Remember if you do not take care of yourself, nobody else will.

But thinking looks easy and the implementation is really tough.

Here are the few tips you can practice slowly and see the results yourself.

(I have tried this and it works really well.)


Focus on small things


Talk. Do not be silent the entire day. It will start to build negative thoughts. Relieve yourself by talking anything to anyone you like. If possible use calling instead of email/chats.

Increase the intake of water during your work and whole day. (I will make sure you are hydrated enough)

Fire print on the extreme last corner printer of your office. (I will make you walk)

Please have your food on time. Though I would recommend to always avoid the fried and spicy foods but I would really appreciate if you take that too on time.

Walk for some time.

Be a shredder. Shred your bad habits slowly.

Start to schedule your work in advance and be on time every single time.

Meditate. It may sound a typical advisory sort of word but believe me it has enough ingredients to make your day peaceful and productive.

Run. Whenever possible be it in park, on treadmills, in fields, wherever you feel like.



Thinking has a very positive ripple effect on your persona. Think what are you doing and why are you doing it? For whom you are doing it?

Try to get the answer of all these three Ws (What,Why,Whom).

The more closer you get to your answer you will start thinking differently. And once you have started to think differently you have taken the first step towards changing your habits.

Over a period of time, these small steps will accumulate into creating a very high persona of you that everyone will be amazed to see.

Remember, it all starts with your internal change (of thinking).

So give sometime for you to think.


Know your limitations

With rising work, deadline, schedules in every sphere, and trying to meet every other assignment you are not doing good to yourself. In all these rush you are losing your own sheen.

There are alternatives to these. You have your own limitations. There is a word called NO.

It only has two english alphabet letters, but it has tremendous power. In hope of getting that raise and promotions you are neglecting yourself and trying to behave like a superman by accepting each and everything.

You are a human, not a machine, you have limitations. You need break.

Whenever you feel like overburdened and exhausted please use the word NO politely. Things are bound to happen but not at your own cost.

Be easy and go one by one.

This philosophy is still going strong, to a great extent stronger than the numerous multitasking tools.


Have time for your family.

Your kid waiting for you in the evening for that chocolate, your wife waiting for you for that movie are just the momentous treasure you have.

Have time for your wife, kids, and parents.

That latest android phone can wait, take time out from your busy schedule and have fun with your family.

Play with your kids, engage with them.

You will least remember the word called-stress.

You will reinvent yourself.

Take care of yourself.

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