Ten things I wish to do before the end of 2019.

Hello folks

It’s been long I wrote something and by that I didn’t mean I intended it. It all happened and was lost in wilderness as from where to start.

It could have been longer, I got a ping from a dear friend and a fantastic blogger and was challenged  if I can post something in line with the captioned title within this week.

So my friend, I accept your challenge and here it goes.

  1. I wish to write more. I mean it. I am into exploding of ideas but not able to find time and ambience to actually execute it. It was always on even before I ventured into the blogging world. I had my own diary but somewhere in between the daily scheme of things it vanished and I was clueless about the reason. I wish to express myself more in coming months.
  2. Run. Of lately I have developed a knack for health consience. I want to run more. I have already taken part in couple of half marathon but could not be part in recent months. It’s been a while and I want to restart it again.
  3. Wake up early. I wish to manage my time effectively and one of them being to wake up early at 5 to 5:30 am daily. It’s tough given my current daily schedule nevertheless I want to take up this challenge.
  4. Read. Of the remaining months and weeks for 2019 I want to finish reading at least 30 books. It gives so much mental satisfaction and peace of mind to read books. As someone said before – “Even a bad book is sacred because it is a book”.
  5. Learn a language. I have started using the app “duolingo” to learn a new language. I want to complete at least basic of one language by the end of 2019.
  6. Connect with bloggers. This year started with a low engagement with the brilliant bloggers from my side and I want to improve on this.
  7. Listen to Ted talks. It gives such fresh ideas and innovative thinking to listen to achievers in various fields. I have been listening to it before but struggling these days to find ample time to listen to it. I love be happy to at least listen to one of such talks per day.
  8. Learn RPA. The world is moving so fast and the talk of robotic process automation is there for everyone to see. I wish to learn some basics of how it works and what are the opportunity ahead.
  9. Meditate.
  10. Relax. I sometimes intend to be so restless for no apparent reason. I wish to relax and enjoy the proceedings and make wherever possible effort to improve the short comings.

That’s all for now. I really hope I am able to accomplish things that I wish to this year.

Have a great time.

Keep blogging!

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    • Thank you dear for your insights, I prefer something around human psychology and behavior
      Looking forward to more engagement

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