The 5 Common Behaviors of Unhappy People.

The 5 Common Behaviors of Unhappy People.

Our mental behavior plays a vital part in deciding the quality of life we live. At times the external circumstances can and does influence our life and we end up becoming unhappy and depressed.

With consistent effort and persistence we can easily turn around the situation. Our thinking, behavior, and lifestyle play a big part in this.

  1. Blocking your life and limits by yourself.

    Thinking that your action will have a negative impact on others you are not doing it. You always fear about the outcomes and fear the criticism.

    And for this reason you are not open to new things and opportunities that may come your way. It is only your assumption about the others.

    How can we work on this?

    • Get real about the fact that people are least bothered about you. Everyone is busy in their own world. This leaves enough room for you to open up and do what you want to do. So stop worrying about others, fears and outcomes, just get into action mode and do it.

    • Speak and Listen. Speak your heart out; do not create self barriers for yourself. It’s better to be wrong that to not try at all. Listen to the people, learn from them and create your own path.

    Nothing but only you can stop yourself from growing. It is all in your hand. So, do not block yourself and your life.

  2. Comparing Yourself.

    This is prevalent almost everywhere. You compare your exam marks, your class rankings, your jobs, your family, your wealth, your social acceptance and what not to other people’s lives.

    -a behavior driving you into a sense of negativity, low morale and withdrawal symptoms.

    How can we work on this?

    • Have competition with yourself. Yes you are the best person to compare yourself. Forget about others, keep a race with yourself and do compete to beat yourself every single time in whatever you do. You will create a habit of trying and improving yourself without having the trouble of thinking how others are doing. You will feel a sense of positivism within yourself.

    • Learn from others in addition to your mistakes. Follow people to learn from them on how they turned the adverse situations upside down and the mistakes they avoided. Instead of comparing, focus on learning they got from their mistakes.

  3. Living in the past.

    It is not easy to come out from our glorious past and start sweating again. For most people the past laurels are a serious source of inspiration. And it is rightfully so.

    But can you live with your past laurels for the rest of your life? You got what I am trying to say?

    So, come out of your past successes and start preparing again to achieve greater success than ever before.

    How can we work on this?

    • Live in present. Focus on the present moment. What you have achieved and what is still to be achieved. This behavior will bring a balanced outcome to your life and will leave with plenty of opportunity to accomplish.

    • Challenge the past Successes. You have already completed a level; now challenge yourself to get better than that. This has a dual benefit of re-living your successes and preparing for future.

  4. Fear of failure.

    Why to get afraid of the actions that we do?

    Do you really have to be super perfect in everything you do?

    It’s OK to get failure. They empower us to learn new things and make us wiser. At the end of the day, we are all humans and humans do commit mistakes.

    How can we work on this?

    • Do not aim for perfection. Yes, a very important trait that is often neglected. You must be wondering why I am saying this. All over your life you may have heard that go for perfection in whatever you do.

    But I think the other way. Thinking about perfection in every sphere even before you start doing it can bring tremendous amount of pressure. It is so hard that for this very reason people do not even try. It can bring down the morale and make us think we are good for nothing.

    • Do not think much about the outcomes. Getting into day dreaming about the pros and cons before we start can be very complicated. Life is uncertain; no one knows what is in store the next moment, leave alone the weeks and months.

    So, why so much worry about the outcomes. Just focus on the work and it will take care of itself.

  5. Procrastinate.

    A very common behavior, we often ignore is delaying the work for no apparent reasons. This has serious implication on the personal and professional life.

    You end up having lots of pending work, and slowly start to develop the negative attitude. You start the blame game and it never ends.

    How can we work on this?

    • Just Start it. One of the biggest hurdles to accomplish a task is to start. Once you start, it very likely that you are going to complete it.

    • Taking one step at a time. A normal tendency is to perform the entire task in one go. This discourages us from doing the next piece of work. It is always advisable to approach the task step by step and not try to finish all the steps simultaneously.

    Following this, the work gets completed and there is no delay. This way you can win over procrastination.

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