The Human Charging Point

The Human Charging Point

I came from work, talked with my family and friends, had food and retired for a nap. Woke up the next morning went to work, came home and repeated the yesterday’s schedule. And I am of the illusion; I am living a great life. Am I?

Have you often come across such situations in your thoughts?

If no, that’s great and I would love to know your life schedule. No I mean it, really.

But the problem is majority of us are infected by this bug of finding a life schedule suiting to our mind and heart. The more difficult part is probably we know what to do to make our lives interesting and still not doing it.

What keeps on charging our mind and making our lives appealing?

Human history dates back to millions of year of existence. Yet the basic requirement has remained more or less same – the food, the air, the water and the physical intimacy.

We are wired in a way; our bodies crave for these things time and again. These are very organic in nature and form the base of the various breakthroughs the human history has seen over period of time.

Off lately, the last few centuries the human evolution has acquired new heights, the industrial revolution, the scientific inventions, and the computing technologies to name a few.

We are now living in a world where most of the services are accessible though internet, and Smartphone apps, except the BASIC FOUR I talked about earlier.

The longevity of the tech devices depends on the charging point and it drains after every single use. It needs to be recharged again.But the interesting part here is we are repeating our daily tasks and yet think we do not need the charging point. Making sense!

Now the focal point I want to bring in here is how to charge and rejuvenate ourselves every single time.

Have a look at the below few points. These are very simple and easy to implement yet very effective. I call it the Human Charging Points.

  • Eat Healthy– The first requirement of the body and it should be sans junks.

  • Time for yourself– Out of the 24 hours have a dedicated time for yourself. No worries, Just YOU.

  • Intimacy– Develop the psychological intimacy as well along with the physical intimacy with your partner.

  • Detoxification– Break the slavery of the tech and gadgets and mark a day in a week for no gadgets or strictly urgent access. Adhere to it.

  • Talk to Strangers– Come out of the comfort and talk to a strangers and try to engage the conversation. I am not referring here the generic etiquette but the deep conversation.

  • Physical Exercise– A minimum of 150 minutes of weekly exercise is a must for your body to respond positively to next course of action.

These are the 6 and very basic charging point which can bring tons of appeal to your life.

Just try it.

Please let me know your other incredible charging points in the comment box below.


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