Visualize and act on your breathtaking self Image.

Visualize and act on your breathtaking self Image.

The change is evident. If you do not change, the world will not wait. Everything seems like an intimidating task at first. More so when it is about self habits. How should we overcome years of negative thoughts imbibed in our mind and heart? What is the tipping point which will make us think about bringing change in ourselves? And what do we think of ourselves?

Some of these questions and its derivatives are very potent to make us think.

And the answer lies within US.

Our human body is a wonderful mechanism to interpret whatever we try to feed it through our mind. This begins right from the shaping years of an individual. The food we eat, the dress we wear, the kind of people we interact and the activities that we do have a profound impact on our thinking. The inferiority complex starts growing in small phases whenever we are not able to turn around things which others are doing.

It is not only about thinking. The thinking drives the behavior. We can easily see lots of people slipping into their own shell and slowly withdrawing from almost every good thing. It includes even all the things they initially were very much interested about.

So, what is the solution?

Visualize and act.

This is a very small step towards coming out from the world of negativity and see you doing very good. This feeling can act as a catalyst and can do wonder in transforming lives.

So keep visualizing.

Of course this is not a one off activity and it’s over. This is a gradual process and a very effective tool to transform your life the way you want it to be. It cannot happen overnight. It looks very easy to say but when put into action takes courage and effort to do. In fact lot of valor and persistence is required to visualize the way you want to see yourself.

Simple adjustments like the below few point will help in getting the best out of you:

Talk to yourself– Take out time from the busy schedule of your life and give at least 15 minutes for yourself. Try to talk to yourself about your needs, worries, accomplishments, future goals, current situation and much more. This will act as a great booster especially when the chips are down against you.

Be your own friend– Whenever there is some dilemma try to seek self help first. You know yourself better than anyone else. Be comfortable with yourself. You better knows your own limitation and abilities. Act according to it and be your own friend in need.

Make effort– This has to come from within and not as an eye wash for you as well as for others around you. You seriously need to take effort to make your life beautiful. This is an area where even your best buddies cannot help. You need to take pain. You need to burn mid night oil to see the change you aspire to see in your life.

Eat healthy foods, avoid junks– Make a consistence effort to have healthy meal for you. If it takes that you yourself need to cook, go for it but do not compromise on the food. This helps significantly in drifting way the negative vibes.


Over a period of time, this results in a positive environment around you. A consistency in imagining yourself will open up new thoughts and bring new ideas into your life. You will start feeling much better and will be loved by people surrounding you. People will try to emulate you for the change you have brought not only in you for them as well.

Yes I do agree it is not easy but not impossible either. Go for it.


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