What do you think? Think the Unthinkable.

What do you think? Think the Unthinkable.

“Survival of the fittest” the famous quote from Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory as you are aware describes the mechanism of surviving.

There may be very vast story altogether if we deep dive into it. I am just taking a cue from it to make my point. That in today’s world if we are not going to think the unthinkable our survival is at stake.

What do you think? Apparently, it’s a question with a variety of probable answers.

The thinking has led the human civilization to evolve and create the things which was unimaginable just few decades before. Such is the pace of innovation that with each passing generation it seems the gap is of several years/decades. Not too long ago, we were restricted to the world of telephone, but now almost every services are available on our palm with the help of a smartphone.

Isn’t this something out of the box?

The greatest of inventions, the greatest of revolution, and the greatest of innovation have all been the by-product of thinking. Someone somewhere thought the unthinkable and worked dedicatedly to achieve it and we call it history in making.

Look, we always have the option to choose on what we want to do. Either we choose a less difficult one and live an average life depending on others, or do some really hard work and think above the normal and lead a persona which is remembered for generations.

Thinking is a very powerful change agent. It is more powerful than we can think. The better part is that it is upon us to use it the way we want to.

I remember a small story of a supermarket attendant where his job was to pack the things in bag of the visiting customer’s. Guess what he started doing, he prepared beautiful “quotes” on paper and pasted it on every customer’s bag whoever came for shopping. There was a tremendous response and more people started visiting the supermarket just for his innovative gesture and his impact was there for everyone to see.

Such is the power of innovation.

But wait, it is no easy task. It may take some time and consistent zeal to create something extraordinary. Rome was not build in a day.

But yes, its worth taking a try.

Regardless of our hectic lifestyle, we all have our own share of problems and challenges to overcome. Thinking of these problems with a different perspective and finding a solution which has not been thought of brings a new ray of hope in our lives.

 It’s our thinking which marks the difference between an average life and a great life.

Choose Yours. !

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