What needs to be thought?

What needs to be thought?

A thought, why does it comes to my mind? Why I am so obsessed with this? Irrespective of the timing and place of stay it keeps on coming. Can you help me?

That is one of the most common prime queries we faces today. So, what is it? A world of imagination, a long gone incident, a future life, worries, emotional breakdown, crush, new experiences, travel etc, or something else. The list is so vast enough, I could write on and on, and it would not stop, just like an infinite computer algorithm.

 So what’s in a thought?

At the onset it looks like just one of the random thing happening to us. Agreed, it is not much of relevance with the exact time of thinking.

However, it is just like a fetus with virtually no presence in a real world. Only the person with the thought is aware of it. Slowly and steadily she keeps nurturing it over a period of time through her deeds and actions and behaviors. A repetition of thoughts makes us curious to know more about it and that’s where it takes shape.

It takes shape, and continues to evolve and impact our lives.

It broadly takes shape in two forms: a) Tangible b) Intangible.

You may argue this.

Nevertheless I am talking here about the end results which are very crucial to anything we do. Thought in it is a constant occurrence in invisible form. Nobody can put a question on it. However when you see the output of your thoughts, you can probable then relate to what I am trying to convey here.

Ascend of machines in human lives are direct result of tangible thoughts. Somewhere, someone thought of creating an instrument which can be operated upon by pressing certain keys and it would ease our lives. The fetus was then born into their minds. They kept working on it to give shape and it evolved. To bring it to reality, sheer hard work and effort was put. The thought was conceptualized; it was the implementation which gave a form to their thoughts. At times the efforts drag on to several decades. The sheer dedication to bring the thought into reality has helped to see the desired results.

You name almost all of the inventions the modern era have seen, are not they a work of thoughts?

On the other hand the intangible thoughts impact our behavior.

The emotional well being, the high reactive and low reactive responses are direct results of our thoughts. Arguably they are stronger than the thoughts which can be turned into physical form. It defines the core existence of our lives. How we speak, make decisions and behave invariably relates to the intangible form of thoughts. This form more relates to the psychological part.

Such has been the power of thought; it has saved millions with the some of the greatest medical inventions. The advancement of surgeries to cure ailment have given a new impetus to the humanity.  

Simultaneously it has also wiped out millions through wars, destruction and man-made disasters.

History has seen numerous examples of glorification and destruction because of the thoughts.

And it continues to. The preceding century gives perfect examples of these things. We saw the advent of computers which was never thought of, and we also saw the world wars and destruction and several millions innocent lives lost. The world has seen these impacts very closely.

Everyone who can think has the power to bring the thought to reality. The onus is on us.

It is imperative that we make use of our conscientiousness to decide and act upon our thoughts. It’s a goldmine. We need to tread it carefully and our lives will evolve for good.

What needs to be thought.

So can you relate- What needs to be thought? Do let me know your thoughts on this.

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