Why do I love to Procrastinate?

Why do I love to Procrastinate?

On a beautiful sunny day while I was busy buying the household stuffs from the nearby grocery shop, I thought to procrastinate it at a later stage. The reason why I thought so was the time wasted waiting in the queue at the billing counter was more than the shopping done. 

I finally ended at the counter paying the bills, taking my grocery items and back to my home. While I was walking back I realized how in almost every activity we tend to lose our time and energy and it pushes us at a level where the important one gets delayed due to the exhaustion and repetition.

So, what if I would say, if I delayed this activity to accommodate certain other things and make my life a bit easier and of course finding the right time to execute it.

It sounds strange enough to see the first reaction to procrastinate things. But please find the rationale which it can bring to accelerate the things which seems very daunting.

Often we hear from people – “Please do not procrastinate.”

Please think wisely on how this can be applied practically on ground. Is it feasible in today’s world to accomplish every other thing without delaying?

We are humans, not machines and we have our own limitations. When I say I love procrastination I mean these:

I love procrastination because

-it help me to prioritize my work.

-this allow me to identify the most relevant work in my daily routine.

-it allow me to know the relevance of the work and its impact.

-I can focus on my most favorite work.

-it enables me to actually not procrastinate.

In the current scenario however there is a lot of scientific way to actually do our work in a smarter way and simultaneously.

Let us proceed to know how we can do it:

Automate the most repetitive work.

While some work may require enough time and effort but at the end of it the repetitiveness nature of it kills the interest. It does not motivate us to again go for it whole heartedly.  This very nature actually starts sowing the seeds of procrastination which later on turns out to be a nightmare. Using the technology to leverage the time and effort can be another way to automate the work.

Let us understand this with one example.

We can ask the delivery boy to deliver the items at our doorstep at our convenient time there by we being more productive in other work and leverage our time.

Use of Technology.

Perhaps the most significant contribution the science has given to mankind is INTERNET. We can use the internet at our advantage by reaching out to people and sharing. A simple use of an app can drastically reduce all the time which would otherwise have been used for more meaningful things.

Just remember when was the last time you were in queue for paying your electricity bills. It just goes like that and we are quickly adapting to it. We are evolving at a rate we even could not think of just a decade before.

We can use the internet to prioritize our work and schedule them as per our convenience.

Behavioral Change.

To get an optimum result a change is lifestyle is needed. Whatever the tool we use can only assist us in doing our work, so the mindset change is required and we simply cannot afford to ignore it. The toughest part is this- The behavioral change. You cannot have this attained in a single day or night. It requires lots of patience and practice. With determination and a motivation to do it is possible. Our behavior derives the 80% of the output. You relate how important it becomes now to focus on the behavioral change. Out of the 16 to 17 hours that we have in our hand daily (7 to 8 hours of sleep excluded) we need to have it in every sphere of our work. The implementation along with the patience level is the key to attain substantial change in our thinking.

Being Fit.

A fitter person is less likely to procrastinate than a not so fit. This is been proven since ages. Why do you see all the sportsperson around the world so dedicated towards their work? That is possible only because they keep their body fit. That is one of the basic components of a lifestyle to grow and accomplish things timely. The more you take care of yourself, the greater the chances of not delaying your work. It should be on top of your priority list.

Do not think of procrastination.

You should not be always evaluating your work so much so that it should be the catalyst for withdrawing from whatever little work being done. The evaluation should be for encouraging not discouraging. Too much thinking kills the purpose for thinking. There are certain things which are beyond your control. So please discontinue overthinking and get back to work. It will be far more motivating to do the things in a fresh mind than a mind with lots of burden. Try to avoid it.

There may be more such things which can help us to love procrastinate to not procrastinate.

Do share your insights in the comment section below.

Applying these very few basics points you will really see a great deal of CHANGE and learn to handle procrastination.

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2 thoughts on “Why do I love to Procrastinate?

    • We sometimes tend to think too much negative about something, that we overlook the positivity it may bring.
      I am really glad you agree on this. It is with good thinking that we grow.
      Thank you so much for your inputs.

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