Why it happened to me?

Why it happened to me?

It was 6,O’Clock in the morning alarm clock and I was struggling to get up, and to change the schedule that has been part of my life for many years.

But that feeling of living a new life, and to get the wish realized was giving me goose bumps. Yes! the excitement of joining my 1st Job.

I had to report by 8:00 AM and I was well before the schedule.

Well that was obvious, isn’t it?

It took off brilliantly, and I started enjoying my time like never before. Visited places, met new people, ate different cuisines and much more. You can easily make out how excited I was. I was living with dreams.

Now, with the scheme of things unfolding in few weeks and months, my life turned upside down. From landing a good job to loosing it within few months was unbearable.

However they may say, it was external circumstances, I knew something went wrong which was against me.

I felt like earth has shattered. With thoughts and emotions at peak I kept affirming to know what happened and why it happened.

But I was clueless. I did not know what to do.

Many days passed. One fine morning in a thoughtful mood I asked my self- “Why it happened to me”.

Voila, I got the answer.

You know what the answer was-“I don’t know.”

I realized that it’s useless to give time to a question which has no relevance now. It has already gone. Let me look into the future.

And by this thought, I got positive vibes after a long time.

And subsequently I changed the question to “How to make it happen”.

It eased my problem and to this date I continue to use it in all circumstances, particularly the adverse one.

It works.

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